The Telescopes

Track Listing:

  1. Fall She Screams
  2. The Perfect Needle
  3. 7th # Disaster
  4. Threadbar
  5. Violence
  6. Oil Seed Rape
  7. There is No Floor
  8. Please Before You Go
  9. Suicide
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The Telescopes

Live At Norwich Arts Centre 1988

THE TELESCOPES in 1998.fresh from recording their furious debut album "taste" and just days before the release of their timeless classic "the perfect needle", the highly influential Telescopes took to the stage for a legendary performance at Norwich Arts Centre. Nothing was ever quite the same again.

The Telescopes in 1988 were:

stephen lawrie (vocal)
david fitzgerald (guitar)
robert brooks (bass)
joanna doran (guitar)
dominic dillon (drums)

Other Releases

Live at the Boatclub Limerick 2006

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