The Telescopes

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  1. Limerick
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The Telescopes

Live At The Boatclub Limerick 2006

A modern look at a live Telescopes set…with a steadily building noise that is the necessary dental floss for the cranium, Live at the Boatclub is the Loveless side of (we just referenced My Bloody Valentine and Lou Reed, for those keeping score). Turn this fucker up REAL LOUD when you put down the digital needle, and wait for the aural tsunami to hit you completely unawares and make enemies of your neighbors and your neighbor's friends. One long, thunderous Sonic Attack for fans of: Acid Mothers Temple, Hijokiadan, Spaceman 3.

In 2006, telescopes foundering member Stephen Lawrie was joined by Bridget Hayden, ex- Vibracathedral Orchestra/Sunburned Hand of the Man. This was their second performance together, taken at the Boatclub, Limerick Ireland. The volcanic duo have remained together ever since, performing the first ever telescopes US tour in late 2006, improvising free drone noise from beyond the realm of natural vision.

In 2006 The Telescopes were:

Bridget Hayden (viola/horizontal Guitar) Stephen Lawrie (horizontal Guitar/edp wasp)

Other Releases

Live at Norwich Arts Center 1988

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