Track Listing:

  1. Japoney Apple
  2. Uber Cougar
  3. Rainy Day
  4. Sounds Like A Mexican
  5. Let's Make It Tonite
  6. Old Theme
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Chrome Ghost

Pre-natal Fighting Frightening Remembrances, otherwise known as the P to the F to the F to the R, crazies behind debut Birdman classic United We Doth and creators of the MTV hit kids (?) show Wonder Showzen , blood spurt a new EP of complete electronic/guitar rock anarchy.

Funny till you die, this EP available for download only on Birdmanaphone Records, showcases the hit from their last record Japoney Appoe (watch the video here) and parades through a hearty small plate of PFFR goodness that will make you mad at how happy you have become.

Think: Devo, Ween, Boredoms, and your own mortality