Minister Squid

Track Listing:

  1. The Last Breath
  2. Giant Squid, Giant Squid
  3. Tentacle Difficulties
  4. Spirit in the Lake
  5. Parallel Universe
  6. Tow the Line
  7. Porn Sword
  8. The Battle of Neptune
  9. What Lives in the Ocean
  10. Escape from the Jaws of History

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Minister Squid

The Battle of Neptune

The first full length from the oceans greatest creature - MINISTER SQUID. This creature graced us at CMJ in 2004, but only as a Giant. Now, it's revealed as the true visionary it is.....


It comes from the deep, Minister Squid. It knows the dialect of rock spoken in the darkest corners of the Sea.

This creature of legend tortured sailors one and all in the beginning days of sea travel and adventure. Yet its message has always been confused and misrepresented. This intelligent creature seeks acknowledgement and understanding through this first birdman full album. With submerged industrial beats and Atlantis-powered amplification, the rock is otherworldly and under-watery; first performed when Joshua Tree was still oceanous.

Come face to face with the Giant Squid. Bow down to the primitive genius of Giant Squid.

"We are happy to have this being on the roster," the Birdman explains. "He fits perfectly with the noise of Modey Lemon, Apes and Don Howland. We are all unworthy."