Midnite Snake

Track Listing:

  1. Bigfoot 69
  2. Cruise Control
  3. Ambassadors of the Throttle in the Sky we will Ride
  4. Shaving the Angel
  5. Super Modified
  6. Nitro Turbo Overdrive

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Midnite Snake

Live at Gooski's

Recorded live at Gooski's in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, Midnite Snake bring you 6 mind numbing Stoner-rock-instrumentals.

Taken from the Mini-disk player of a loyal follower, this recording captures the Snake at their dirtiest. Featuring songs from the new record and classics like "Nitro Turbo Overdrive", this recording truly encapsulates a Midnite Snake show. After a couple of peaks in the sound of the first song, this recording is remarkably clean for an audience taping. THIS IS NOT FROM THE SOUND BOARD.

As you'll hear an audience member say into the microphone:

"Midnite Snake will destroy your f&^%ing brain!"


Goddamn the Midnite Snake. Like a bat out of hell, heavy psych-metal stalwarts the Midnite Snake, nee the Midnite Fucking Snake, are back with a sophomore release that might just erupt Mount Olympus.

The trio from Pittsburgh, armed with America's greatest drummer Modey Lemon Paul Quattrone, bring forth a new metal: Dark, sweet, intense, and sophisticated.

This new slab of digital drudgery presents songs that are longer and deeper than anything the Snake has done before, still with the richness of a dark and deathly metal, but now with layers of wandering prowess, like a lost soul in Young Goodman Brown's devil-riding forest, looking for his Faith to rest his head upon. But there is none to be found.

Instrumental intensity that would make a late-era Coltrane AND a new era Acid Mother's Temple want to get back t on the road again, just so they could check the band out night after night and steal all of their secrets.