Gris Gris

Track Listing:

  1. For The Season
  2. Corporation Station Agent
  3. Sounds from Kosse, TX

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Gris Gris

For the Season

For The Season EP contains songs from The Gris Gris, the sorceress San Francisco outfit assembled by psychedelic shaman Greg Ashley. The album For the Season is the definition of modern psychedelia while providing the vehicle for Ashley's catchy songwriting and complex arrangements; the CD was released by Birdman Records. This EP contains bonus songs and an experience of Kosse, TX.


The time is 2005...January...the beginning of phase two. Young Greg Ashley, psychedelic wonder boy and leader of GRIS GRIS opts to venture out of Oakland and return to his roots of Texas, USA.

Texas: Roky Erickson, Red Crayola, Sir Douglass…the purple haze against the greatest conservative political threat this country has ever known. The town of Kosse, Texas will become the birthplace of the newest Gris Gris musical venture. In a cabin, the middle of nowhere, complete with many wooded acres, two horses (one white, seeming magical), a lake with a raft and a row boat (see FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, part whichever), and enough…well GRIS GRIS to last for three months while the music is created and laid down.

In Kosse, The GRIS GRIS are: Greg Ashley (writer, guitarist, beer bottle percussion and whatever else have you), Oscar Michel on bass and clarinet (original member), Lars Kullberg (keyboard/multi-instrumentalist who had slipped in since the last), and Bob on drums (old Ashley comrade playing the role of temporary studio/cabin musician). Modey Lemon Paul Quatrone (drummer) blesses the beginnings without hitting the skin once.