Track Listing:

  1. Trax
  2. Pallas
  3. Procyon B
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Unexplained Transmissions

From the mind expansion vault....

3 Deep space electronic soundscapes from FUXA front man RANDALL NIEMAN.

A unique collaboration between FUXA and the cosmos….

Recorded live to DAT June 1st 1997. Converting a live NASA video feed of earth (from space) as well as other stars and galaxies into a midi signal triggering various synths. NIEMAN then played live on top of the generated sounds creating a unique collaboration: FUXA and the cosmos....

The idea was to have space playing space (with some added space). So, what you are listening to is FUXA front man RANDALL NIEMAN playing live to the converted video image of earth and space as it was on June 1st, 1997.