Brother JT

Track Listing:

  1. Like Father, Like Sun 1
  2. Very Beautiful
  3. Dear Mr. Sun
  4. Molasses Factory
  5. Moon Pie (I love you)
  6. Live Father, Like Sun 2
  7. Ice Cream Cone
  8. Let's Get Wet
  9. All Systems Gone
  10. Like Father, Like Sun 3
  11. Coca Cola 04
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Brother JT

Let's Get Wet

Perhaps best known for his role in THE ORIGINAL SINS and creating some of the most psychedelic knock your socks off rock ever, BROTHER JT has bestowed us with a unique Internet only recording.

A very different recording than anything BROTHER JT, this album is a great accompaniment to 2004's OFF BLUE. It's relaxed, and cool, just like JT. After a few listens, we will all want to get a little wet with this legendary psych/folk/rocker.

"For the past 20 years Brother JT has made record that exemplify the "freeness" and dark-green/blood-red hazy warmth of true psychedelia. As a songwriter, he is so proficient that no one takes notice; as a guitar player, he subtly outshines any slinger around with riffs, leads and solos that are consistently bewildering" - Arthur Magazine Feature on Brother JT's career

Former member of the Original Sins


  • Third Ear Candy (2007)
  • Off Blue (2004)
  • Maybe We Should Take Some More? (2002)