Brian Glaze

cover photo by Shannon
artwork by B.Glaze & Matthew Johnson

Track Listing:

  1. Hoops & Leather Boots
  2. Hot Dinner
  3. Fear of God
  4. City Lover
  5. Creepy Johnny
  6. Somebody Said
  7. Magic House
  8. Holy Garden
  9. You've Got Two Beautiful Eyes
  10. Day of the Dead

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Brian Glaze

Hoops & Leather Boots

Brian Glaze stars in Hoops & Leather Boots. Heís all grown up now and moving past his original reverb-soaked psychedelic days for more exciting arrangements and cleaner production values. Think more Echo and the Bunnymen and The Fall, rather than, say, Pink Floyd or The Doors.

Hoops & Leather Boots is the 3rd release from Brian Jonestown Massacre Alum, Brian Glaze. Once again, GREG ASHLEY sits firmly at the helm to produce another gem. The songs found here are more "accessible" than perhaps any prior release. Brianís been playing with a full band lately, aptly titled THE NIGHT SHIFT, with a rotating cast of characters like Andy Jordan (Cuts/TimeFlys/Buzzer), guitar wiz Ben Brown, Jay Bronzini (TuffShed/SirLordVonRaven) and others.


The Gomorrans Brass Section
Carlos Bermudez as The Pedestrian
Hoyt Fay as the Corrupt Cop
Lisa Youn as the Angry Girlfriend

Joe Haener drums
Jenny and Sir Lord Von Raven backing vocals
Chris Stroffolino piano
Joe Robinow piano
Oscar Michel bass guitar

Additional horns by Miguel and Carlos Bermudez
Additional strings by Lisa Youn