Old Country Blues

Track Listing:

  1. Stuttgart Arkansas -- Walter Miller
  2. Jack Of Diamonds -- Lum Guffin
  3. Spoonful -- Lattie Murrell
  4. Too Close -- Bishop Perry Tillis
  5. Loping Blues -- Lincoln Jackson
  6. Take Your Burdens To The Lord -- Joe Townsend
  7. Sally Got A Big Leg -- Fife And Drum Band Of The United Sons And Daughters Of Zion Chapter Nine
  8. Blues For Mattie Mae -- Lattie Murrell
  9. Denomination Blues -- Bishop Perry Tillis
  10. Fool's Blues -- Dewey Corley
  11. Why Did I Have To Leave Cairo? -- William Davis Floyd
  12. Sweet Peace -- Ashley Thompson
  13. Old Country Blues -- Lum Guffin
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Old Country Blues

Vol. I

File Under: Blues, primitive, raw.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Bengt Olsson came to the American South from his home country of Sweden to explore the rich heritage and music that was still alive there. Like George Mitchelle and Alan Lomax before him, Olsson set out to record the musicians he came across. It is fair to say that Olsson's journey went deep, and from it we are able to hear the music of some of the most obscure and important bluesmen in the territories:

Lum Guffin: With a style like Mississippi Fred MacDowell, Guffin toured with Sleepy John Estes and Bukka White to name others. His lack of fame and recorded music is an enigma.

Bishop Perry Tillis: Went to Chicago in the early days only to find religion and move back south to set up a church. Tillis just passed away in late 2004. His mosquito-like guitar playing is beautifully spooky.

Dewey Coley: Leader of the Beale Street Jug Band who, along with guitarist Walter Miller, established the Memphis Sound

All of the musicians on this comp have stories such as these.

Birdman Records recently purchased Bengt Olsson's entire library of recordings. This compilation is the first in many releases that will showcase this library. This is the blues. Enjoy.