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Brian Glaze

Hoops & Leather Boots

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Hoops & Leather Boots is the 3rd release from Brian Jonestown Massacre Alum, Brian Glaze. Once again, Greg Ashley sits firmly at the helm to produce another gem. Brian's been playing with a full band lately, moving past his original reverb-soaked psychedelic days for more exciting arrangements and cleaner production values; think more Echo and the Bunnymen and The Fall than, say, Pink Floyd or The Doors.


From the Catalog

Brother JT

Let's Get Wet

It's relaxed, and cool, just like JT. After a few listens, we will all want to get a little wet with this legendary psych/folk/rocker.



Chrome Ghost

PFFR are the crazies behind MTV's hit show WONDERSHOWZEN; blood spurting a new EP of complete electronic/guitar rock anarchy.


Midnite Snake

Live at Gooski's

Recorded live at Gooski's in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, Midnite Snake bring you 6 mind numbing Stoner-rock-instrumentals.


Old Country Blues

Vol. I

Primitive, raw blues from the deep south. Featuring Bishop Perry Tillis, Lum Guffin, and Lattie Murrell to name a few.


Paula Frazer

Live at the Ace of Spades

A wonderful live set from the amazing Paula Frazer at Ace of Spades. Featuring "Watercolor Lines" and "Game of Broken Hearts".


Minister Squid

The Battle of Neptune

The first full length from the ocean's greatest creature. This creature graced us at CMJ in 2004, but only as a Giant. Now, it's revealed as the true visionary it is....


Rahat Ali Khan & Family

Live at KPFA

Recorded in 1996 at the studios of KPFA FM 94.1 in Berkeley, CA. Includes an insightful interview by Kutay Derin Kugay with the band.


Gris Gris

For the Season EP

For The Season EP contains songs from The Gris Gris, the sorceress San Francisco outfit assembled by psychedelic shaman Greg Ashley.